Sunday, July 15, 2007

From Boon Teck Road to Kampung Tunku

Hi, my name is Anwardi Jamil. Friends call me Didi. Some call me Dood. The rest use various expletives. I was born on the morning of December 9 in 1958 in a clinic along Aljunied Road in Singapore. I was too impatient to come into the world so much so that my mom did not manage to reach Hospital Kandang Kerbau to deliver me. Lucky me. Always like to remind my two brothers (my elder brother Arjunaidi and younger brother Asnadi) that they were born in Kandang Kerbau..heheh.
I do not remember much about my childhood days...but the few memories that I have are quite vivid. It comes in flashes, very cinematic and mostly in black and white. I do remember certain events during my family's stay in Jalan Boon Teck Road where Shaw Brothers housed most of their creative and technical staff there. Amongst those who shared the same address were Jins Shamsudin and his late wife Rahmah Rahmat; Saadiah, Normadiah, S.Shamsudin and many others. I think we stayed there for a few years until my father made enough money to get us out of that place to a double storied terrace house in Jalan Chengkek (where the picture below was taken - (from left - my adopted sister Murni, Abah (Dad), myself, Arjunaidi, Mak (Mom) and my late adopted brother Zaimi). The little 2-room house in Boon Teck Road was just basic squarish houses with smelly old bucket toilet system in the rear of the house. In fact, Boon Teck Road can actually be compared to a squatter area.
I went to Kindergarden at Macpherson Road (hardly remember anything) but I do remember a lot of incidences during my primary school days at Balestier Mixed Primary School. I was always the youngest in class. This is made 'worse' later on when my family migrated or moved to Kuala Lumpur in 1969. somehow I was allowed to skip Primary 5 and went to Primary 6 directly from Standard 4 (in Singapore). I saved nearly 2 years in my early school days.
Anyway, this blog will be...well...a journal or my journey...a non-linear journey as I will ramble to and fro, here and there and everywhere...and anything that interests me. You are more than welcomed to join me. Do post comments, queries and thoughts.
Til my next entry, cheerio.