Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let me think jap.......

I have been busy writing these past weeks. So much so I haven't had the time to update my blog. Not much has happened since my last posting. Watched a few movies - Merantau and Ju On White Ghost Black Ghost and Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. Enjoyed the latter very much. Merantau was fun too. Ju On's creators on the other hand seem like they want to out-Tarantino Quentin himself.
However, there were of course non film events that caught my attention - the sad Church bombings on our homeland. The deadly earthquake in Haiti.
Not a good start to the new year isn't it?
Anyway, I am thinking of writing a piece about the Malays - from my own perspective. Why? I don't know. Just need to I guess.
I am no anthropologist, so I might not sound like much of an authority on this. My justification for writing this forthcoming piece is that I am a Malay, and am damn proud of it. Proud of being a Malay however does not make me a racist nor a bigot. Being defensive of my roots, culture and race, also does not make me one.
However, I really need to get some things of my chest. I may ramble a bit, sound crazy and chauvinistic, but nevertheless I hope I make sense. I welcome feedback. I welcome debate.
I will leave you with this statement - Malays are a disappearing breed. And we, the Malays, are letting it happen.

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