Tuesday, February 9, 2010


FDAM has just SMS'd and called for its members (who have their own production companies) to submit their proposals which was not accepted by RTM in its recent pitching process, to FDAM.
FDAM it seems will try to appeal to RTM on their behalf.
I personally think FDAM (Film Directors' Association of Malaysia) is fighting the wrong cause.
Once again, the association should be fighting instead for causes beneficial to the directing profession, and not fight for a cause that is the prerogative of the producers'.
What FDAM should be fighting for, is that those productions which have been approved by RTM for production through the pitching process, are directed by active members of FDAM. That's all.
FDAM should not question RTM why proposals pitched by the members were not successful. The proposals were in actual fact submitted by production houses and compaies, and not individual nor freelance directors, and therefore FDAM should not subscribe to the idea that they must fight for these producers' rights.
In doing so, FDAM is also opening a pandora's box. What makes them think that their members' proposals were any good in the first place?
RTM have their own set of criteria and reasons for accepting and commissioning some titles and rejecting others. It is their right. No one can question it.
FDAM should also not let themselves seem idiotic by fighting against this right of commissioning by RTM. Come to think of it, why only push this issue with RTM? Why not TV3? Why not Astro?
We, filmmakers, live in a world that is complex.
Sometimes, a director has excellent ideas and vision, but when it comes to writing a proposal or pitching it, they fall flat. That's why it's called a pitch and not a presentation.
A proposal that is weak, but well pitched can be more attractive to the presiding panel.
So don't blame RTM for not accepting ALL pitches. That would be impossible. There will always be winners and losers.
We only hope that in the future, our pitches will be more attractive and more RTM-centric to the powers that be.
But the main thing is that this is really not FDAM's fight.
Their fight should be to make sure that ALL the producers of the proposals that were pitched and commissioned by RTM are being directed by members of FDAM. Nothing more nothing less.


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Anonymous said...

maybe they like fighting for the wrong cause...
seems like money is the cause, not the story.