Thursday, May 6, 2010


Recently, I decided to go look for possible locations for my series 1870. So far, over the last months, I have been to Kuala Linggi whilst my PM went to Temerloh to scout for locations.

That particular day, I decided to go to Jugra, Kuala Langat, in Selangor.

I felt a little strange going there because Kuala Langat was amongst one of the many locations where the actual events of the Selangor Civil War took place.

Surprisingly (especially to my wife) I have never been to that part of the world. So, since I have never been to the Selangor coast, I also decided to take the opportunity to check out Morib and Banting.

The trip took about 2 hours. A distance that is, in my books, quite far. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant trip.

Morib is an interesting little beach destination. Vastly different from Port Dickson. It even has a quaint golf course. However, there were not many areas conducive for my production needs. So I decided to check out other nearby areas, and fortunately for me, found one which was so secluded that I may consider it as a potential location.

This beach, I think it's called Pantai Kelanang (please correct me if I’m wrong), it is quite deserted and nearby was a flat open land that I could envision building old Kuala Lumpur.

Where the beach is I could build the Klang Port and maybe Kota Mahadi.

Disadvantages? Electricity. We need at least two big generators to light up the area.

But as a location for 1870, it could be ideal. However, like I said a two-hour daily drive to Morib can be strenuous for the crew and cast.

After checking out the location, I dropped by Jugra’s historical area near Permatang Pasir.

I dropped by the Royal Mausoleum where the late Almarhum Sultan Abdul Samad was buried. The Royal Mausoleum is beautiful and the atmosphere very solemn.

Around and encircling the perimeter of the Sultan’s grave, are the graves of members of his Royal household and I was surprised that many of the characters in my series 1870 were buried there including one major character – Tunku Alfah. The princess who was first engaged to Raja Mahadi and then forced to marry Tengku Kudin from Kedah at the beginning of the Civil War.

The tombstone of Al Marhumah Tunku Alfah Binti Al Marhum Sultan Abdul Samad
In my earlier research, her name has been spelled differently from Raja Arfah to Raja Atfah. However, having visited her grave in Jugra, and as written on her tombstone, I will henceforth call her Tunku Alfah.

Visiting the mausoleum gave me a strange feeling. It’s like visiting the grave of the late Sultan and paying him my respects as I am about to embark on making 1870 in which he is one of the central figures.


rizal hashim said...

We wish u the best, bang DD. The series is a must-watch for history buffs and historians...

anwardi said...

Thanks Bro....will keep you updated about the production. Baru tengok Apa Dosa Aku produced by Red Communication and directed by Bernard Chauley....can't wait to do mine.

muteaudio said...

Wanna watch 'Red Army'? Hahahaha