Sunday, January 23, 2011


Two local movies made news before the end of 2010. Ngangkung and Mak Limah Pulang Ke Rumah. Both movies passed the magical RM8million box office number making them the two most successful Malay movies of all time.
I haven't seen Mamat Khalid's Mak Limah yet, but I have just seen Ngangkung.
Help me God, I don't know why this movie made more than RM8 million. Really, truly. I really must not be someone who knows his movies, because if I had seen a preview of this movie before its run, I would have predicted such a box office taking.
I heard good things about Mak Limah, so I look forward to watching it soon. From what I heard, Mamat is already going to shoot its sequel next week. Good luck Bro. Hope you'd outdo the first one.
So, it seems, horror movies still rule on Malaysian screens.
Now, I do hope the Malaysian-Singapore effort entitled Homecoming do boffo business. It stars Jack Neo, Ah Niu, Afdlin Shauki and Mark Lee. A CNY-themed movie in multiple languages - Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, English, Malanglish and Malay - is it a commendable effort and an entertaining movie. I do hope the movie breaks records because it is easily better (in pure entertainment value) than Ice Kacang Puppy Love and Woohoo.

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