Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Some years back (2003) I did a direct-to-video production entitled Histeria (not to be confused with the 2008 James Lee movie of the same name). It starred the late Hani Mohsin. The movie was based on a few local and urban legends. It was also remade as a stage presentation called Hantu Hantu Yang Saya Kenali. It was remade (with permission) into a VCD production again entitled Momok by M. Jamil and then the format is repeated (without permission) in his movie Momok.
James Lee's latest movie Sini Ada Hantu produced by Double Vision and Tayangan Unggul also rehashed two of my old stories - Hantu Pokok Pisang and Kereta Mayat (which was a short story in one of my earliest horror anthologies called Teater Seram). I reworked Hantu Pokok Pisang again into one of my episodes in Bilik No. 13.
It's always nice to see how others do it.


Anonymous said...

u mean u the creator of Hantu Pokok Pisang? hantu raya pun u reka juhgak? u da mang!

Anwardi said...

I didn't say I was the originator of Hantu Pokok Pisang. Please read the post carefully. I said it was VCD movie entitled Histeria was based on a few local and urban legends. The legends already existed. In 1990 when Teater Seram and Ke Alam Misteri, both produced by Double Vision, came out on TV I dare say it was the first such efforts on TV. Amongst the stories in the two telefilms were: Kereta Mayat, Cari Nombor, Dracula Datang ke Malaysia and Hantu Kampus.
In the Histeria VCD, I directed Hantu Pokok Pisang, Penanggalan and Momok. I then brought a few of my stories to the theatre which M. Jamil acted in. I only remember Aziz Othman as my main 'competitor' as he did two horror telemovies in the early 90s - Mawas and Kaki Monyet (which I paid tribute to in one of my episodes for Bilik No 13). If you (hello Mr Anonymous) want to attack me, check your facts. Your hatred for me only make your comments and criticism sound flat and pointless.