Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little Mention on Our Recent General Elections

No, I'm not going to analyse the elections. Heavens forbid! Every other blog has something to say about it, so I won't. But having said that, in cinematic terms, I would like to say that sometimes " fact is stranger than fiction" and that I don't think any screenwriter could have written a scenario about what just happened in our country - because it would have been laughed at and considered a scenario that is too far fetched. Yet it happened.
I know the results will impact everyone but as for me? Well, the Information Minister YB Dato Zainuddin Maidin lost his seat in Sungei Petani. That's a direct impact on the TV industry. Come Monday, hopefully we will know who replaces him, and then once again, we wait and see if there are any policy changes in RTM. We were just getting to understand and used to the new tender system Zam enforced last year, and now this has happened. Anyway, whoever the next Information Minister is, I just hope he will listen to us small producers who not only want to make ends meet, but also want to make a difference.
Just need to mention something about the campaigning period. An artiste (a young artiste) trying to look intelligent and mature did injustice to the industry and his peers when in his haste to show support for the ruling party, said that "he will never ever support a party that is ruled by Ulamaks". It is idiots like him that tarnishes our industry's image amongst the grassroots - these young artistes who shoot from their hips and putting their foot in their mouths should be given a kick in the behind. I hope his Persatuan will teach him to shut up and not insult and belittle Ulamaks - for in UMNO and in our Government there are also ulamaks who help run this country too. So there!

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