Saturday, May 23, 2009

Harun's birthday, proposal deadlines and the end of Bilik No. 13 the TV series

It's been a hectic fortnight. So many proposals needed to be completed. There was much time to do anything, even golf. Of course I do meet up with friends at night, the most recent last Thursday when my friend Harun Salim Bachik celebrated his 50th birthday. Happy birthday bro.
Harun and I go back a long way. His late father, the very talented actor Salim Bachik, was a family friend and acted in my father's movie Gerak Kilat and alongside my mother in the RTM classic drama "Loceng" - drama based on a famous Chinese story.
Harun was also from the same school as i was - La Salle Secondary school in PJ - but he was one year my junior. If I was not mistaken, our first ever work together in entertainment was in a comedic Frankenstein sketch during a school concert. He was Dr Frankenstein. Even then he sh0wed a tremendous flair for comedy and acting.
After we left school, he worked with a bank and later but surely, he became a big TV star.
I joined the New Straits Times and later TV3 but our paths hardly crossed. It was when I created Gado Gado that we both become very good friends.
Today, Harun is one of the most sought after character actors in town, and is totally busy. As a director, he has also done quite a few dramas on TV and has recently made his feature film debut.
I wish Harun all the best in his career and hope his directorial debut will be met with much support and appreciation of the public.
Meanwhile, I am in the midst of shooting a corporate video for the Securities Commission. To us in my company Manjafilms, this contract is really a big deal. For an institution like the SC to choose us over other companies is truly a feather in our cap, and we hope to deliver a finished product that they will be more than proud of.
However, I am still awaiting the greenlight for my feature film projects and TV drama proposals for RTM.
Under the new minister, Dato' Seri Dr Rais Yatim, I hope things will be for the better and that he considers merit as sacrosanct.
Anyway, I am also sad to announce to my Bilik No. 13 fans that the series will not be renewed by RTM. It seems the station is back to its all policy of not commissioning any more horror themed series.
Nevertheless, I am in discussion with a few parties to release the two seasons of Bilik No 13 on VCD and DVD, and also develop a feature film based on the series.
Meanwhile, I am also considering developing a straight to video Gado Gado special. Trying to get the original cast back into the reunion. This may or may not happen but we shall see.

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