Saturday, May 30, 2009


(Before any of you read this, I must warn you that this posting is NOT objective. It is personal. It is emotional and it is full of hatred. It may even sound racist. I leave it up to you to judge. But be warned. And I do not make any apologies for what I have to say in this posting)

I read with mixed feelings the current debate about whether our government should allow Chin Peng, the former de facto leader of the infamous Bintang Tiga communist guerilla force, to return to Malaysia. I read with much sadness and trepidation that we should even consider feting him a hero's welcome.

I just got this to say: Let him come back to Malaysia, give him a trial and execute him.

Maybe those Malays who weren't affected by the Bintang Tiga's cruelty and rampage all over the nation just after the Second World War cannot fathom the seriousness of allowing this murderer to return to Malaysia and not receive retribution for his crimes.

This is the man who waged a war against our country and our citizens under the pretext of being freedom fighters. And in doing so, caused the deaths of thousands of innocent Malaysians.

Why you may ask I am so vocal about this? Well, let me put it this way. On the early morning of June 10th 1945, just two months before the war ended, the guerillas of Bintang Tiga went on a murderous spree in Parit Sulong and nearly wiped out my family.

On that day, they murdered my grandmother, Temun, my father's youngest brother Harun, my father's brother-in-law along with their 3-year old daughter and 5=year old son. Other relatives that were brutally killed included the family of Pak Anjang Mian who himself was shot but survived. Pak Anjang's niece died in that massacre.

My grandfather and my aunties managed to escape and hide from the Bintang Tiga madmen and survive.

Read this excerpt from my father's autobiography Warisan and Wawasan. He recounted the tragic incident in detail:

"At that same moment, a Chinese Bintang Tiga soldier saw Emak Temun (my mother) in the parit not far from Kakak Aminah (my sister). He bayonetted my mother who was shielding my younger brother in her arms. Before that, my sister Kak Aminah said she heard her mother begging to the Chinese soldier - "Tauke, don't kill my son, just kill me. Please Tauke." However, her pleadings fell on deaf ears. The terrorist speared her with the bayonet. The bayonet also went through my younger brother. Both my mother and brother fell lifeless in the parit. After that, the Chinese soldier took out a dagger and cut off my mother's finger to steal her gold wedding ring. Suddenly, the shrill of a whistle is heard followed by the sound of a bugle. The Bintang Tiga terrorists immediately ran off leaving our village."

It was only fate that my father and a friend of his had decided the night before to take a sampan to the town and catch a movie. When he returned to the village the next morning, his whole world had turned upside down. On the ground, he saw his mother and relatives laid out covered in cloth. All victims of the murderous Bintang Tiga.

His family home were destroyed. Burnt down. Nothing could be salvaged.

The only thing that he could be thankful for was that his sisters and his father survived the massacre.

You guys may know of the massacre of the police officers in Bukit Kepong which was not far from my grandfather's village of Parit Sulong. Those police officers and their families who died in that massacre are national heroes.

My family who were killed by these so-called independance fighters were not so lucky. Only our family remembers their fate and if not for my father's autobiography, their deaths would have been forgotten.

Now, I hold Chin Peng responsible for this. It was his soldiers that murdered my grandmother, her son and her relatives. For those who do not know, this was the way the so-called fighters of Malayan independance carried out his work. He and his people killed thousands of innocent citizens. So if we allow him to return, free him of all his sins and also call him a hero and one of the fighters of Malayan independance, it would truly insult the memory of my father's family members who died in that massacre. In fact, if Chin Peng is declared a hero, then logically my family members who died were traitors. And I cannot accept that. Never!

So, if any of the politicians or ministers read this blog, please heed my request. Let him in. Let him return this country that is the scene of his numerous crimes. Put him on trial. Find him guilty. AND KILL THE BASTARD!!


mamat khalid said...

hes from the Ong family in perak. find out who are the ongs now and u ll know why they need to make him a hero...

vee said...

can i put this on my blog ke link it on FB ke or my e-group?some people just couldn't understand why some people objected Chin Peng coming back to Malaysia....

Salt N Turmeric said...

Salam. Found your blog after googling the info that you lef on my princessjournals's blog on what's for iftar.

My friend who is in scotland talked to me about this and we both agreed that Chin Peng doesn't deserved to be pardoned nor allowed to come 'back'. Malaysia is NOT his home. China is. He is still a communist and doesn't want to admit his sin. Anwar Ibrahim is a bastard for wanting this evil to be pardoned.


anwardi said...

long time no hear from you. Yes, I am totally disappointed with Anwar's comments about the whole thing. I guess he is the forgiving type...maybe even forgiving the cops who beat him up in jail and also for those people who framed him for sodomy.