Sunday, June 14, 2009


My sister's husband, Hisham Ahmad Nazeri, 53, passed away of heart failure in his house in Keramat Saturday afternoon. It came as a shock to the family. He was alone at home when he suffered the attack. My sister, Murniaty, was at the clinic to get his medicine. It seems that he has been ill for the past five days.
His eldest son, Khairul, was in Langkawi on a company trip whilst the younger son, Khairil, was in Janda Baik on a weekend trip with friends, when he passed away.
Allahyarham's parents came down from Ipoh the same evening whilst Khairul or Loloi as the family calls him arrived in Kuala Lumpur around midnight after suffering a two hour flight delay in Langkawi.
Allahyarham was buried today (Sunday) just before zohor at the Datuk Keramat Muslim Cemetery. Al Fatihah. May he rest in peace and Allah embraces him as amongst His faithfuls.


rizal hashim said...

Salam Tuan,

Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rajiun, my deepest condolences to kak murni and family. May Allah bless his departed soul, Al-Fatihah.

Ajami Hashim said...

Al-fatihah :-(

Moderator said...

Inalillah, simpati bagi pihak saya utk en anwardi especially utk kak murni dan uncle ahmad nazeri dan isteri. Kedua orang tuanya pernah saya jumpa dahulu di Ipoh. Allahyarham seorang yg cukup baik dengan saya pada kami bekerjasama di Mass Media. Kali terakhir terjumpa di Wangsa Maju 4 tahun lepas, masa tu beliau bersama Kak Murni dan org tua beliau. Al-fatihah dari saya - Azrul ex komms

Anonymous said...

Al-Fatihah..semoga Allahyarham ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman...AMIN

Rohan - ex-staff Mass Media

Murni said...

My dearest brother,
Thank you so much for this beautiful
memory of my late husband-Slim. I will treasure it for sure.

To the 4 friends, My boys and myself thank you too.

DD, take good care of yourself.
Bye. See u soon.
Kak Murni