Sunday, June 21, 2009


I came back from Singapore on Wednesday. On that last day, I went to have my usual murtabak brunch at Victory Restaurant in Arab Street. After that, I walked around the area to look for some thick padded prayer mats and minyak attar. I had an Es Teler at an Indonesian restaurant before taking a cab to my uncle's place in Toa Payoh.
There I had bubur lambok Singapore style with some bergedel and ikan tongkol masak belado.
At that moment I am already full to the brim.
Around 4pm I left for Terminal One. Upon reaching there, since I had so much time on my hands, I decided to have a banana split.
Later, whilst my cousin Hirman came over to meet me. It was his 51st birthday and I completely forgot about it. I was also with my other cousin Hasliza.
To celebrate Hirman's birthday we polished off two pieces of cakes and a cup of coffee.
By 6.15pm I had to go into the transit area for my scheduled 7.10pm Air Asia flight.
Of course, it was delayed. We took off just before 9pm. Reached home a little after 10pm and had supper just around midnight.
At 2 am, I couldn't breathe and I sweating. I felt like vomiting but nothing came out. I had lotsa gas. i knew it was my reflux, but this was bad. I had taken my Nexium when I came home and now been drinking Gaviscon to relieve the pain, but it was not working.
So I decided to go to Assunta. I told my wife not to worry and stay whilst I got my eldest son to follow me to the hospital.
I went to the 24 hr outpatient clinic but when the nurse took my BP which was 170/110 she told me to go to the emergency room and got the doctor to check on me immediately. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.
But after 3 am, after a shot of liquid Nexium into my system plus a jab of morphine, I began to relax. However, since my BP didn't come down, I had to be admitted.
So Thursday and Friday, doctors came in and checked on me, asked me how I was feeling. Nurses came in regularly to check my BP, pulse and oxygen intake. I was given meds.
Family and friends came. Thank you guys.
On Friday, the doctor checking on me, said he wanted to scope me Saturday morning. I said sure why not. The last scope I did was about 6 years ago and the CT scan I did recently also didn't show much.
The gastro specialist then came after that telling me that he will be doing the scope.
The funny thing is, he came back some hours later and asked me how long I had my hemorrhoids. I said I already had it taken out years ago. Then he asked me if I bled when I passed motion and I said no. He said that's a surprise because when he scoped me he saw huge hemorrhoids still intact in my 'you know where', but I said he hasn't scoped me. He was scoping me only tomorrow on Saturday. He looked surprised and checked the file and saw I was the wrong patient he was talking to....hahaha..funny but scary. He then remembered that I wasn't the hemorrhoids patient but the reflux patient. He apologised and left.
Anyway, on Saturday morning, I was taken to OT. I knew the procedure because I had been through it once before. They would spray anesthetic into my mouth and ask me to swallow it to ensure my esophagus will be dulled and easier for them to shove the camera down my throat.
Surprisingly, after they did that, they also injected into my IV something else and the next thing I know, I woke up in the recovery room. Scope all done.
Anyway, two hours later, the main specialist came and told me that everything was fine except for my gastric. I was then allowed to be discharged. The bill? North of RM2k for three nights of observation and a scope.
Now am back home. Stomach still rumbling as usual. Have to keep taking meds I guess.
Once again, to all my well wishers, either through SMS, Facebook, phonecalls and emails...I thank you. Nothing like having great friends when you're down and out.
Okay, for those who want to have a gross out time, below is the video of my endoscopy courtesy of Assunta hospital.


Anonymous said...

anak wayang tak besh

Shad Azez said...

eeeee.... ya Allah ya Rabbi... u can only watch this on discovery channel la... ni exclusive ni. masyAllah...

p/s: that doc yg silap tu, nsb baik dia x jolok u sana sini lg... klu x robek u...