Tuesday, January 1, 2008


We welcome in another new year. 2008. Goodbye 2007! A good year with some hiccups,but a good year nevertheless. The family went down to Johor Bahru to spend the new year in Singapore. We stayed in a villa in Tanjung Putri Resort in Pasir Gudang not realising that it is about 40kms from the causeway. It's also 65kms from the 2nd Link. So our trips to Singapore lasted about 2hrs each journey!!!
Come new year's eve, we decided to join the big crowd in Clarke Quay, and after some problems looking for carpark space, we joined in the revelry with thousands of others. The kids decided to welcome the new whilst trying out the new thrill ride called GMax Swing. They had already tried the old slingshot GMax and was thrilled to find the new ride awaiting them. Their ride was seconds before the dawn of the new year - with massive fireworks coloring the dark skies behind them at the midnight. Below is a pic of the kids after their joyride into the new year at Clarke Quay (from left - Abadi, Iliya, Diandra (my brother's youngest daughter), Adylla and Nurhadi).
I'll also remember 2007 as the year i lost friends and acquaintances - Uncle Hussin Abu Hassan and golf kaki Bal Bahadur.
I'll also remember 2007 as the year Benazir was murdered. It seems anti-Islam strategists are winning the war in destabilizing the Muslim world.
It was also a year when RTM introduced the new tender system causing more than 300 producers into cold storage for nearly a whole year.
My animated movie Budak Lapok was also released by its producer. The movie, which was weakly promoted though well received critically, got a massive drubbing at the box office raking into around a measly RM350k plus run.
Football wise, Liverpool didn't win anything at the end of the 2006-2007 season. They begin 2007-2008 well being unbeaten for awhile but keep getting draws when wins were required. At the end of the year, another draw with Thaksin's Manchester City. They end the year fourth on the table. I doubt they will win the league but if they can get past Inter Milan in the Champions League - chances are the Cup will be theirs.
It is also time for resolutions. What's mine? Well, lets say that I have a few and if I do manage to accomplish all that I resolve to do this year, it will be a GREAT year!
To ALL my friends, relatives and fans - a Happy New Year to you guys..may the new year bring all that you wish for. To my enemies, to those who despise me, to those who want me dead....hey, what can I say?

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