Saturday, January 5, 2008


Remember the good old days when we can't afford to go to discos (Time Tunnel, Glass Bubble, The Hobbit, The Cave and Tin Mine), but instead held house parties? Sure you do. It's the party where you hope the girl of your dreams would turn up and you'd smile to her and hope she'd smile back. At the beginning of the party the girls were on one side and the guys on the other side - and everybody was waiting for the slow music session (argghhh Stylistics!!!). I remember the late Usman Awang's son Iskandar making quite a lot of pocket money, carrying around his make-shift disco machine from party to party each weekend. The machine was powered by car batteries.
There were many girls that I'd hope would be around at the parties - they include Nur, Jah, Nora, Anis, Ruth, Su, Umi, Atun, Linda, Elita, Emma, Oda dan one particular girl that me and my friends referred to as BAF (because her parents car number begins with BAF) - it was a mini I think and she stays in Kampung Tunku. Of course I know her name - its Jaz. I wonder where she is now.
Me and my posse - Nabir, Amer, Amir, Fauzy, Iqbal, Nasir, Thamiz - would attend these parties whenever we'd get invited (not often). Usually driving in either Amer's old volkswagen or my Dad's Opel. Wearing bell bottoms, two inch wide belts, platform shoes, sideburns, Travolta collars, Amco and Texwood jeans - trying to look cool. Either that or end up looking like Jinjang Joes of the 70s. (Baycity Roller kakis Yechhhhh!)
What was memorable about those days was the music. Yes. The music of the 70s. It's Disco!!!
Below are some of the most and the best during those years. Enjoy!

WAR - Cisco Kid (Don't you guys feel silly doing the funky chicken?)

[via FoxyTunes / War]

THE STYLISTICS - Medley (Ahhhh no house party is complete without these guys!!)

[via FoxyTunes / The Stylistics]

OHIO PLAYERS - Fire (Where are the bands with horn sections these days ah?)

[via FoxyTunes / Ohio Players]

VAN MCCOY - Do The Hustle (I just can't do the hustle!!!)

[via FoxyTunes / Van McCoy]

COMMODORES - Still (A lot of young couples' 'our song' lah this one)

[via FoxyTunes / Commodores]

EARTH,WIND & FIRE - Fantasy (What can I say??? EWF!!!!)

[via FoxyTunes / Earth, Wind & Fire]

By the way, we weren't just into Disco in the late 70's you know. We love great rock and roll - and these four numbers are amongst my favourites.

DEEP PURPLE - Smoke on the Water (Hands up those guys who tried to play the opening riff of this great number on their Kapok guitar?)

[via FoxyTunes / Deep Purple]

Bad Company - Ready For Love (I love this song)

[via FoxyTunes / Bad Company

LED ZEPPELIN - Black Dog (Head banging at its best! And without Ecstasy)

[via FoxyTunes / Led Zeppelin]

BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid (We enjoyed metal too guys!)

[via FoxyTunes / Black Sabbath]

Hope these music and videos brought you back down memory lane.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anak Wayang, I like your choice of music this was my STUFF in the seventies, i was a touring DJ in cornwall in the mid to late 70's the best time of my life
Thanks for your BLOG


anak wayang said...

To the cornish pirate,
Nice to know the music rings memories even in guys from cornwall! To me nothing beats the sounds of the 70s. Both disco n rock were at their peak! Thanks for dropping by.
anak wayang

Nora's Touch said...

Didi... you got the wrong Nora kot...I was never a party girl :( daddy dearest has never allowed his darling baby girl out of his sight hahahha. However, my memories of us and our music were our MAFIA gatherings for buka puasa or raya or b'days

anwardi said...

Hahah..yes I do remember. In fact, I think most of you girls had a tough time convincing our Dads to be allowed to attend such parties. But the gatherings for buka puasa and such were also memorable. Especially the ones held at Nabir's house.