Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bilik No. 13 - the series

Guess it's time for me to plug my TV series - Bilik No. 13. Its now in its fourth week already. Today's episode was the final part of the duyong legend (not one of my personal favourite episodes). The TV series also mark the directorial debut of my son Abadi who directed a few of the episodes and most of the links. Its on every Thursday night at 9pm Malaysian time on Tv2. For overseas viewers you can catch the series online on this website ( - it has the best TV2 live streaming. For those not familiar with Bahasa Malaysia, there's English subtitles. For those who are interested, my favourite episodes include the ones about mutant leeches, a deadly mist, a wayward hand, a kampung couple with an interesting secret and an old kebaya. A funny episode - catch the one about the doll (my nod to Chucky - kampung style).
For those who expected this series to be pure horror - please note that its not a horror series per se. It is an ode to One Step Beyond and the Twilight Zone - a series that cover the fantastic, sci-fiction and some paranormal stuff. Catch it. Comments are more than welcomed. Below is the promo trailer.


pbg said...

I saw a few episodes on Bilik No. 13 while in Malaysia recently. I found them very entertaining, and I would love to watch more episodes if I could get them. I will check out the live feed for tv2. If there was a torrent of these shows, people around the world would be able to enjoy them.

anwardi said...

Dear pbg,
Thank you for your kind words. I have tried to check the best streaming website for TV2 and I found to be the best. Bilik No.13 is on every Thursday night at 9pm and on Saturday night at 3 am. Producers like us who wants to do something different for TV need all the support we can get. Appreciate it if you also commend the series to mainstream media. Someone has already requested RTM to pull out the show citing the rise in histeria in schools...serious! So am hoping fans would write in to make sure the series would go on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

dear all,
you can watch RTM2 through it's own web...
got live streaming there..