Thursday, April 17, 2008


Sometimes, the worse thing about production (TV and/or film) is the waiting. Waiting for the funding to be in place, waiting for artistes, waiting for the set up to be ready, waiting for the weather to clear, waiting for the sunset, waiting for the catering, waiting for inspiration, waiting for the whole damn thing to complete, waiting for QC approval from RTM, waiting for TX dates and finally waiting for payments.
This week was one of those weeks. Waiting for our drawdown to fund Bilik No. 13 has taken a toll on me. Production has been on hold for nearly two weeks, but alhamdullillah we should be able to move to location tomorrow and start shoot on Saturday.
We were hoping for some payment from RTM for previous products, but we are still waiting (hmmm there's a rumor going round that the Government is tightening its belt and payments to suppliers (including producers) will be soon at a trickle (meaning you'll be lucky to get payments within two months of receiving invoicing - so much for ePerolehan payments made in two weeks). The spectre of global recession on everybody's mind, late payments of a year may once again be the norm. Let's us pray and hope for the best.
Mom and Dad have been in Janda Baik for nearly a week already. They said they miss the place. Don't think Janda Baik is as nice as it once used to be and with the recent rains - the place actually floods! My Dad is also not too keen on cold nights these days, so I hope he keeps himself warm.
On the family scene, my number two son is bored as he is spending his semester break now. I think he has seen most of the movies in town and is waiting for the summer blockbusters to start - and I think that begins with Iron Man in a couple of weeks time.
I caught Daniel Lee's Three Kingdoms at the Curve Cineleisure Complex yesterday to pass the time and relax. As epics come, it is up there with the rest of the Chinese biggies, and surprisingly Maggie Q played her role quite well (this means, less dialogue more action!). But it' s the two leads - Andy Lau and Sammo Hung that carried the picture to its bloody climax. It was also heartening to see old favourite Ti Lung.
Well, I hope there's internet link or access in Kuala Pilah, cause I'll be there most of the time for about a month - making something to scare you guys during the lonely nights of June and July. Cheers!

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