Friday, April 4, 2008


Yikes!!!! It's been like two weeks since I last blogged! So many things happened in these two weeks. During that time I quit my Exec Director's position in my Second Board company and as Director from my IT company which does E-Government stuff.
So with that out of my way, I have to (for the time being) concentrate on making Manjafilms the boutique production house it is meant to be. So last week, we started shooting Dapur Bujang's second season and by next week, Insya'llah (if funding falls into place) we start shooting the second season of Bilik No. 13 - the Prequel!
Now that will take two months out of my life - and we've got a deadline to meet - early June! I hope the fans won't be disappointed with the timing - but trust me the wait will be worth it, really!!
On a more sombre note - more sad news (a friend mentioned that my blog is getting to be more like an obit column). Al Fatihah to comedienne Yusni Jaafar, of a long ailment and liver failure. She was 63. Most fans of Malay comedy would know of her during her heyday in the 80s working alongside other top comedians. Of recent, before her health declined, she took on more serious roles as the typical Malay mom or grandmom in TV serials. Her daughter Raja Emma was once a top star acting in my mom's debut film Mawar Merah in the mid 80s.
Another acquaintance in the film industry also passed away. A one time film producer and director Dato Yuzwan Wahid, 51, (Antara Gadis (1993) dan Sama Tak Serupa (1995)), passed away after suffering from a chronic illness (not details) in Shah Alam a few days back.
I had just returned from a four day golf trip to hot (as in temperature lah) Chiengmai when Yusni passed away.
Meanwhile, I am still rushing to finish and polish the teleplays for Bilik No 13. Time is running out and my daily battles with the powers that be at SME Bank is giving me sleepless nights.

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