Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am sure most of you have heard of the Earth Day initiative, where at a certain time very soon, you are to save energy by switching off anything electrical for one hour. This action is synchronised worldwide. Even a local TV station is getting into the act and will switch off transmission for one WHOLE hour. Are you going to do your bit to save the Earth?
I have to say this - most probably I won't. While all of you may be doing the idealistic thing by switching off for an hour, the industrialised countries, the massive factories in US, Europe and maybe even China, the traffic which emits Earth threatening emissions, the oil rigs which rapes the earth to gain access to petroleum will carry on.
I know it is a noble effort, but why one hour? Why only this hour in a month or year? Why not an hour every week for a year? Why not a whole day once a year? Maybe this is just a PR effort for most multi-national companies who just need a social event to show the public that they are concerned citizens of Earth.
Let me tell you this, the Balinese is already doing this every year. The Balinese understand the need to commune with nature. And they do it every year when celebrating their new year called Nyepi.
On this day, they observe nearly total abstinence from noise and aut0mobiles and light.
The whole island literally shuts down for a whole day. No partying, no clubbing, no watching movies, no shops opened, nothing. Total silence and relaxation.
And here we are making a big deal about saving Earth by shutting down one hour.
If only we were to follow the Balinese and walk the talk.

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