Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I really do not have to write much about this Jazz festival. Regarded as one of the WORLD's top jazz or music festival, it is an experience for all live music fans. Though some critics have said that this festival is pandering to popular music more than jaza aficionados, I beg to differ. Yes, there's hip hop artistes, pop artistes and even r&b and dance artistes. But there's also a section on world music plus the top quality jazz performers like Dianne Reeves, Laura Fygi and New York Voices. For the in-generation there's Jason Mraz.
For me, I go to listen to the selection of Indonesian musicians on display. At no point in time each year, except maybe at the up-n-coming JakJazz festival, can you savor live music from Indonesia's best.
Below is one such artiste who performed on one of the many stages at the Jakarta Convention on the first day. He's Joeniar Arief. He's more of a R&B dance performer. Unfortunately, where he performed, the sound system isn't that good.
I also caught a glimpse of Gigi's lead guitarist, Dewa Budjana, who is also earning a reputation as a top jazz guitarist. I could tell you more, but really, you should just make it a MUST to go attend this festival or if not JakJazz. It really is worth your time and money if you are a fan of good music. Below is one of Joeniar Arief's many music videos available at YouTube.

The above is a clip of Dewa Budjana at one of his earlier concerts.

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