Sunday, March 29, 2009


I didn't read any of the pre-publicity stuff for the Nicholas Cage movie Knowing, which is last week's number one movie in the US. But from the trailer, I thought it would be somewhat interesting.
So, I caught it yesterday, and boy, there' are gapes and holes in this movie that trucks and buses can go through - maybe even a jumbo jet.
The story begins just over fifty years ago, when an elementary school decides to seal a time capsule as part of their school anniversary celebration. When students were asked to draw the future to be included in the capsule, one Lucinda wrote instead a series of numbers.
Fast forward 50 years later, a scientist and mathematician, John Koestler, is a single dad who has lost his faith because of the death of his wife a year before in a fire, and his son Caleb is a student who studies in the same elementary school mentioned before.
Caleb wears a hearing aid even though he is not deaf - this is because he hears whispers that bothers him. The same kind of whispering that Lucinda heard 50 years earlier.
The time capsule is finally opened and the students are each given the sealed envelopes, and of course, Lucinda's envelope ends up in Caleb's hands.
At home, John, who looks like suffering from insomnia, got curious and tried to make something out of the paper with numbers on it. Within minutes, a random series of numbers he chose from the paper coincided with the date and number of deaths of the infamous 9/11 incident. John is either a genius or a damn lucky mathematician.

The numbers it seems also predicts the date for the next disasters to come.
He tells another friend of his (an astronomer I think) about this, and as usual, as friends are in this kind of movies, they are sceptical. Whilst, most numbers synchronised with climactic events throughout the last fifty years, there are numbers in between that somehow John couldn't figure out. From a genius, he suddenly became an idiot.
Until of course, whilst driving, he saw his GPS and realised that the numbers that he couldn't figure out were global positioning numbers. And of course, the minute he discovered that the numbers were just that, he is actually on the same spot when the disaster happens.
To keep a long story short, he tries to find out more about the girl who wrote the numbers, and found a connection between the numbers, the whispering in his son's ears and a strange albino man who stands around at night ominously at their house.
From an ok and maybe suspenseful end of the world treatise, the movie veers unexpectedly and rather clumsily into sci-fi territory. I nearly screamed in disgust. Come on, Alex (the director). Don't hand me a cop out of a movie ending. This is just plain ridiculous.
I don't know whether the movie is just one big propaganda for Chistendom or even maybe Scientology, but the whole final act was to me disastrous. I could hear moans of disgust and laughter from the audience when this happened. I won't tell you what it is.
However, the parts that I like were the special effects - great aircrash and subway disaster sequences accompanied by solid sound effects and of course the final end of world sequence. I bet the SFX creators must have rubbed their hands with glee when given the task of destroying the earth. However, the best trick of all was to make Melbourne look like an American city.


saat omar said...

I adore Nick cage,...especially in Leaving Las vegas...

Anyway, Tumpang promote...jom tengok MIMPI adapatasi dari Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream

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lets do it.

Ajami Hashim said...

Salaam bro,

FYI filem arahan & lakonlayar by ayahanda Jamil Sulong ~ JEFRI ZAIN GERAK KILAT tayang kat astro kirana ari ahad ni jam 9mlm ;-)