Thursday, August 27, 2009

Disney's digital more headaches

It's been awhile since I actually went to a 3D movie. Firstly, my experiences with 3D movies weren't very good. The glasses were cumbersome, the technology half baked and the effect leaves much to be desired. However, the thing that turns off nearly everyone would be the headache you get wearing the glasses for a long stretch of time.
So, I avoided most of the 3D movies - Polar Express, Bolt and many others
So, I surprised myself and actually went to see Up in 3D yesterday afternoon.
And I was pleasantly surprised. No headaches. No problems.
The 3D effect was also not too bad. Disney's 3D technology have soled may problems and have made it into a viable cinema technology.
I also read somewhere recently that 3D movies will be the next big thing in cinema.
So I began wondering when Malaysian cinema will produce their first 3D movie. we are just beginning to grapple Dolby technology and I am wondering when 3D will make its local debut. Hahhahaha.
Imagine Ahmad Idham making his Jangan Pandang Belakang in 3D or Associate Professor Razak Mohideen making his Duyong sequel in 3D. Or KRU producing Cicakman 3 in 3D.
Would any of you pay RM17 to watch these movies?
3D is just the end..the content counts, so if the movie is crap...3D or no 3D, people won't pay good movie to see it. I think they rather pay RM10 for 4D instead of 3D.

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