Monday, August 31, 2009


I am feeling good about my proposals offered to RTM during these past two weeks of pitching. I do hope at least 50 percent of what I pitched will be accepted. Unlike most companies, I only submitted and pitched 8 programme ideas.
Below are some of my company's proposals:

Long series/serials (dramatic):

Pangazou - an epic historical dramatisation of Tan Sri Herman Luping's novel of the same title. Pangazou, the Kadazan word for warrior, traces the path to adulthood of two brothers who later become Pangazous in their tribe. If approved, to be totally shot in Sabah.

Detik 12 Malam - a twilight zonish series. The host is a mysterious man who operates an archive. In the archive there are many strange things, not only documents but paintings and antiques. Each item has a strange and unique story behind it. Each episode covers one strange item.

Documentary series:

Rakan Muzium - a series that introduces young viewers as to the importance and the fun of visiting museums. Especially the unique and interesting museums that dot Malaysia's landscape. Currently there are more than 90 private, state and government museums in the country. The series visit the more interesting ones.


Speaker Ku - A girl from a rich family irks her parents when she decided to become a teacher. She even made them angrier when she asked for a transfer to a really small village school. She teaches English and she has a personal goal of creating a good English speaker from one of her students. Of course the students and their parents think she is crazy for trying to make them love a foreign language. Nevertheless she found one student who shares the same kind of love she has for the English language.

Parit Sulong - The story of how Bintang Tiga nearly wiped out my father's family just a few weeks before Hiroshima was bombed. A violent and tragic note in the history of Parit Sulong that not many people know of.

Magazine Series:

Salero Kampuang - A travelogue cooking series hosted by my mom, Datin Rosnani. She takes the viewers back to her hometown of Padang - the home of Nasi Padang. She presents her favourite Padang dishes every week and also the beauty of Padang itself.

Malaysian Culinary Magic - A trip to the best restaurants in Malaysia - the top starred restaurants, meeting the owners and chefs and indulging in haute cuisine that boggles the taste buds.

Satu Selera - Another restaurant hunting series this time with three girls (of course Malay, Chinese and Indian lah) trying out eateries from all three ethnic communities.

Well, if all the above are approved I will have a busy 2010 and a satisfying year. And I can start planning for my indie movie Short Time.

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