Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My only daughter, Adylla Lyanna, turns 18 today. Happy birthday sweetheart. You are now entering adulthood and you inherit responsibilties that go with it. Your parents are proud of you and we love you. Always respect your family and elders, and make friends with those who respect you and that you respect. You are now at a very complex and confusing time in your if you have questions...ask your mom...hahha.
Time has zoomed by so fast. I still remember the chubby cute daughter that I loved so much. Now she has grown tall and slim and beautiful. Hehehe it worries me....but thank God you are taller than most guys in your age bracket...makes it tougher for you to find guys...heheh..anyway, concentrate on your studies first and your career...everything else will fall into place for you. Believe in Allah and trust the road He has chosen for you.
Happy Birthday Dylla.


Anonymous said...

thank you daddy!

Heng Yi Xiang said...

Dear Mr Anwardi,
I hope you remember me; I'm Yi Xiang from PJC, Singapore. We have been anticipating for your reply for the questions we posed you. We hope we can hear from you soon because we have to submit our proposal soon. My email is Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Yi Xiang.