Thursday, March 18, 2010


Detik 12 Malam has been going smoothly for the past week. Three episodes in the can and two already offlined. Hope the crowd, especially the fans of Bilik No. 13, will love this new series.
First episode is entitled Kunci and was shot in Klang for three nights. Thank you Hotel Goldcourse for letting us shoot on your premises.
This was followed by the second episode entitled Joran about a man's desire for a haunted fishing rod. Starred old chums Mubarak Majid and Khairil Annuar whom I haven't seen for years.
Shot in Langat and Kemenshah - a difficult shoot due to the locations.
Rain too hampered progress and the final scene couldn't be shot on schedule. Needed to wrap so as not to lose momentum.
The episode entitled Telefon followed, inspired by an episode that appeared on the original balck and white Twilight Zone series. Shot totally in Keramat. Shoot was smooth eventhough I had do a massive rewrite whilst shooting the episode.
On the second night, we had to schedule and shoot the pick up scenes for Joran so that our editors can complete the offline.
Today, Telefon wrapped and tomorrow the episode entitled Jaket begins.
I am taking a break from the director's chair. My partner Ken S Yap will be filling in my shoes for this episode.
On Sunday, my son Abadi, will be directing his episode entitled Batang Kayu.
I will be busy preparing for other projects that need to be managed so that once D12M completes, there will be a smooth transition into the next projects.
And oh yes, Manjafilms Sdn Bhd turned 5 years old yesterday. Happy birthday Manjafilms.
We hope to see her celebrate her ten year anniversary in five years time and with a CV full of quality and memorable productions.
To those who have been part of this tumultuous journey, thank you. Without most of your support Manjafilms wouldn't have survived this far.
I would like to thank Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir for being the person who gave us the opportunity to kick start the company's production slate five years ago. Thanks too to my parents, Dato Jamil Sulong and Datin Rosnani, who are part of Manjafilm's soul from day one.
To my family, especially to my wife Puteh Jerineh Ramli, who endured my struggle to make Manjafilms what it is today, thank you and sorry for the time spent away from all of you.
To my siblings, Captain Arjunaidi and Asnadi, thank you for all your support.
Some names that I need to mention and to offer them thanks for their constant support - Ken S Yap, David Oh, Dato Simon Foong, Tengku Annuar Mussadad, Sabrina Baharuddin, PA, Dato Salim Cassim, Shukor Karim and Haji Radzi Md Din. Thank you all.
To RTM, ASTRO and AWANI - a very big thank you to all of you. I hope to be producing more programmes for you in the near future.

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