Thursday, March 25, 2010


As a producer who has just passed the half century mark, my energy to direct TV productions and series is on the wane. That is something I cannot fight against and have accepted.
However, I do enjoy and savor creating new series and projects and seeing it to fruition.
In my new TV series Detik 12 Malam, I am allowing new blood to show their talent.
My son Aidyl Abadi returns to directing after nearly a year long break due to lack of projects.
Along with him I have decided to let a young guy by the name of Alfred Lai to direct a couple of episodes based on stories he himself developed.
Another young filmmaker, who has made a name for himself directing and producing his own short films, is Rozinor Ramli, the founder of Filmuda movement.
Though not new to the scene (having directed a few telefilems for Ogy), I find his short films quite accomplished. He will be directing the episode entitled Wayang which I wrote.
A few other young filmmakers are on board lke Zakizamani who had just shot his first science fiction telemovie that he directed, produced and wrote. Such courage should be lauded and he is assisting Abadi in Detik 12 Malam. Maybe I should also let him direct one episode.
I am also interested in finding new acting talents and through Detik 12 Malam, we have discovered some raw talents whom we believe can go far.
Amongst the most interesting is this Indian actor named Babu, who impressed me after his audition and I gave him the lead in the episode entitled Jaket. Director Ken Yap was also impressed by Babu.
For the main storyline, we are casting a new face Eva Evanynna.
We hope RTM welcomes and embraces such a move as our industry needs new faces who are talented, dteremined and disciplined. They are so many artistes out there who are talentless and egoistic, expensive and totally not disciplined. So we have to look for fresh attitudes and fresh faces. Detik 12 Malam, with its anthological structure allows me to do so.
With more projects on the horizon, I need support from young filmmakers, crew members, management personnel and artistes. I feel happy and fulfilled seeing young filmmakers blossom and work in a proper and professional environment.
I hope they appreciate all the opportunities that they receive.


Fareez said...

Glad to be chosen to work with manjafilm. I hope to be able to shine through the opportunity given. Thank you!

akeem said...

Diharapkan wujud muka2 baru dikaca tv...ada yang berbakat cuma mereka tidak tahu kemana hendak di tuju...

pstt..terbatuk2 sebb nama FILMUDA disebut..hehe
terima kasih abg DD.

fadz said...

bagus, anak2 muda diberi peluang..