Friday, February 1, 2008

Dylla In Assunta Hospital

It's been a roller coaster week for me - personally and also professionally. I won't delve into the professional part because I'm trying to sort those things first. Need to have clarity, with clarity, solutions are possible. Personally, well my daughter, 16-year-old Dylla who has been suffering from coughs and fever last few days got worse and my wife decided to take her to Assunta - wondering why the nagging cough still persists. I was at a meeting with a friend when I received a call from her saying that the doctor wants to admit her - worried that the viral infection may lead to pneumonia.
So, Dylla, my little trouper, is now in Wad Mawar, room 10. She hasn't been admitted since she was Primary 5 - so it's quite an experience for her to be injected a few times - for blood tests and for a drip.
When I dropped by to see her I asked if she wanted Dr House to come a-calling, but no, she prefers Dr. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy. Anyway, she didn't look too upset at having to stay in hospital for the next few days - she did however ordered a few Chic Lit book (bought for her two books 'You Had Me At Halo' and 'Second Time Lucky'), a few teen mags, a word search puzzle book and the latest season of Las Vegas on DVD - she'd already gone through the whole season of Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal and House a few weeks back.
Hopefully, she'll recover soon. The only minus point for her was that she was going to her first house party tonight - one of her friend's birthday party - so that's out of the question now.
On the high side of the week, my younger brother Asnadi and his wife, Aina, returned for a two week holiday from New Jersey - after three years. My mom was in tears to see him again, and my Dad is as happy as can be. It's nice to have the whole family back together again. Asnadi is looking forward to eating and eating and eating - but is really taken aback at the traffic mess we have created - well which developing country isn't without its setbacks. Better the traffic jam in KL than in Bangkok, Quezon City and Jakarta!

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