Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Adventures of Adylla in Assunta - Day Two

Today is Dylla's second day in Assunta hospital. She looks bored. She also has to take ventolin inhalation regularly. Her fever comes and goes, and I think she does look a little better. Doctor confirms she has a viral infection and hopefully the treatment she is undergoing will help her fight off the bug. Meanwhile she has her books, her DVDs, her magazines and her food to keep her occupied. She doesn't mind being alone without her parents for most times of the day as she can also sleep off her boredom.
Meanwhile, Puteh and I went to a wedding in the afternoon - that of Amir and Murni. Amir is the son of Puan Hamidah Karim - who was my Head of School when I did studied at ITM in the late 70s. My wife, Puteh, who happened to be my senior in college, also studied under her - as did some of her other friends like Shameen and Zaidah who were also there at the wedding.
I also met an old friend (don't think she likes to be called old) at the wedding. Her name is Sofia Jane. You all know her. It seems she was a classmate of Hamidah's daughter Hayati. They were both in Assunta in the late 80s. Better not divulge the exact date - you know how women are when exposing their ages.
Anyway, tonight, I'll be going back to the Assunta hospital to spend some more time with Dylla. And maybe catch another latte at Starbucks on the ground floor of the hospital.

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