Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Adylla - Home Again

Adylla's home now - after a short adventure at the Assunta Hospital. She was soooo glad to come home. She overdosed on Korean soap operas whilst she was bedridden - hmmm wonder why Assunta had a Korean TV channel on the cable TV? Are there so many Koreans in PJ and they get admitted often to Assunta til they had to subscribe to a Korean TV channel? Not that I mind - Dylla enjoyed the soaps. But I guess not many Malays get admitted in Assunta because there's no Malay channel.
Adylla is feeling much better - coughs a little but now having a tablet buffer daily. Puteh is also down and out - coughing and hacking and sneezing. But being an adult means never having to go to the clinic right? Well after much coaxing she did - now she's on anti-biotics too.
Medical bills shooting up y'all! Haha...good health is priceless!
Anyway, Adylla came home smiling and happy - that was until she dropped by her school to get her homework journal - its a lot! So I guess her Chinese New Year holidays has become her homework catch-up time.
To all those who dropped by the hospital - thanks a bunch and so too to those who called and texted asking about her condition after reading it on this blog. My 5'5" princess is back home....back to seeing Bones DVD three seasons in a row.

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