Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's the end of the year already. Somehow, days seem to pass by so fast. It's scary. Haven't had time to reminisce about the good old days. Rather thinking of checking out the best movies of 2007. Somehow, I felt as if, it has been a really bad year for good movies. Really bad. Even the commercial fare was crap - Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Harry Potter. All bland fare. Transformers was pure popcorn fare - but the action set pieces were so frenetic you really don't who's fighting whom.
I did however get to see some quality movies - but this was when I went to the Iranian International Film Festival in Teheran earlier this year. Saw a German movie entitled The Lives of Others. It won Best Film nod at that festival and you'd really have to see it to understand why. At a recent French Film Festival, a movie entitled La Mome or La Vie En Rose was screened to a small audience. That too was a great piece of filmmaking - completely held in place by the magnificent talent of its lead actress Marion Cotillard, who played the part of Edith Piaf. In fact, her acting did not past unnoticed as some critic awards in the US has already hailed her acting as the best for this year.
I also caught Best Film recipient of the Japan Film Awards 2006 Hula Girls on a flight back from Jakarta. This was a feel good movie at its best. I doubt it will hit the cinemas here, so grab a DVD of it if you get the chance.
Animation? Apart from my Budak Lapok (hehehehe), the ones of note would be Shrek 3 and Ratatouille. Oh yes...my favourite one - The Simpsons movie. That was hilarious even though overall Ratatouille was a more accomplished work.
Action fare? Die Hard 3? Puhleez!!! Even The Condemned was better than that..and that's not saying much. Surprise of the year would be 300 but the pseudo political nuances underlying the movie spoilt my viewing of it.
Horror? Nothing note worthy. Even the hyped up remake of Halloween was a long stretch. 1408 was much better though the ending was lousy.

So what's my choice for best of the best? Below is my list:

Most Enjoyable Film of The Year

Best Film of The Year
Hula Girls/The Lives of Others

Most Anticipated Movie of the Year
American Gangster

Best Director
Gulliermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) (Picture below)

Best Actor:
No particular outstanding performance (need to see American Gangster, The Bucket List, Eastern Promises) but special mention for Ulrich Muhe of Lives of Others.

Best Actress:
Marion Cotillard (La Mome)

Most Disappointing Movie
Evan Almighty

Most Surprising Movie
Sivaji The Boss (mainly for the gorgeous Shriya Sharan below)

Best Local Movie
Mukhsin (Please note that I have yet to see Anak Halal)

Movies I Missed
Balls of Fire, Lions For Lamb,Bee Movie and Beowulf

Movies To Look Out:
Eastern Promises, Daywatch, No Country for Old Men, Lust, Caution, Persepolis.

Blockbusters to Bite Your Nails and Can't Wait To See:
Ironman, Indiana Jones 4, Cloverfield (Poster Below) and Speed Racer.