Sunday, December 9, 2007


Today is 9th December. 49 years ago I came into this world. Thank you Abah. Thank you Mak.
So what did I do for my birthday? Well...the celebrations started yesterday on Saturday..the family wanted to go out for the whole in the morning we went to Sunway - to check out the new wing...nice. Then we decided to catch a movie - saw Golden Compass...much better than Narnia...had some great chocolate fondue at Haagen Daz. Later in the evening, the whole clan - Me, my wife Puteh, my kids Abadi, Hadi, Dylla and Iliya plus Tasha (Abadi's girfriend), and Abah went for a big feast. Mak is shooting a drama in she wasn't there..she didn't even text or call me to wish me...Anyway, we went to this great place called Lobsterman in SS2. A little unassuming restaurant but they serve great lobster dishes. We had four lobsters!!! Later, sent Abah back home while we went out to Bukit Bintang - to Pavilion. Surprisingly, there was a fringe festival in town which we didn't know about - the place was crawling with magicians, acrobats, clowns, dancers and other fringe acts...lots of fun.
Then we bought tickets to see another movie - The Heartbreak Kid.
The movie started at 11.50pm. So when it turned midnight, I celebrated my birthday at the new Pavilion cineplex watching Ben Stiller. Heheh...had a great time with the family. Too bad Liverpool lost to Reading - that spoilt the evening a little bit but luckily today, on the 9th Boro defeated Arsenal - so that was ok la.
On this day itself it was quiet - family threw a little tea party for me and got a cake (see picture). Then we had to attend a dear friend's daughter's wedding at Felda Kayangan Hall.
Now I'm 49!!! Next year I'll turn half a century!!! Argggghhhhh!!!

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