Sunday, December 23, 2007


In my earlier posts, I mentioned that I was a handful. So when my parents were trying to resettle themselves in Kuala Lumpur, I was staying with my sister and sometime my uncles. But I had a reputation to keep (haha), my mouth was as foul as ever - in Malay, English and Hokkien. Once my sis Murni had had enough of me she shoved my head into a big pot of water and also rammed some chillies into my mouth to teach me a lesson. Hahahah....didn't work.
The complaints from all and sundry in Singapore reached my parents and so in 1969, I was packed and sent off to join them - to Petaling Jaya - at 107 Jalan 12/14 near Filem Negara where my Abah worked.
I was ten at the time when I entered Primary 6 in La Salle Primary School. I skipped Primary 5 since somehow the Malaysian education authorities thought the education in Singapore was more advanced than in KL - so from Standard 4 I went straight to Primary 6. And I was only ten because my birthday is in December - so I was the youngest in class.
Made friends easily - and my immediate best friend was one Justin Morais - who later joined the police force and later in life became a lawyer. I had other friends too - Roslan (who went on to date a famous local jazz singer), Wan Fauzy (who now lectures in USM and whose sister married a prominent statesman) and Zainal Ariffin (who has since become a doctor) to mention but a few.
An incident I remember well was May 13. I had joined the school takraw team and our first match against another school was scheduled for that date. Somehow, we were told school was cancelled and that we were to stay at home. I can't remember the infamous event in detail (I was only ten at the time remember) but I cannot forget the massive propaganda machine working overtime on TV. I clearly remember the warnings against hoarding, against spreading rumours and constant messages that the threat of communism still existed around us then.
Nevertheless life as a ten year old student in PJ was rather uneventful. Fun really start to happen in secondary school and I can't wait for that to happen. Assuntarians - watch out!!!


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

I was googling Justin Morais and chanced upon your blog.

Just saying 'hi". :)

anwardi said...

Hi back. And who might you be in relationship to Justin, who is now a lawyer with his own firm?

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Justin and my late husband were great friends. Justin is also the godfather to my kids.

What a small world it is, with the internet!!

I'm pleased to meet you. :)