Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Goodbye Dear Friend - Bal Bahadur 1954-2007

Bal Bahadur, 53, was laid to rest today around 5pm. His cortege arrived at the Kampung Tunku Crematorium from his house in Rawang town. After short prayers, he was cremated. About 50 of his closest friends and relative were there to bid their last goodbyes to him.His father, Bakhtar (seen in pic above - seated on right - talking to a Nepalese priest ), is as sad as a father can be whose son has left the world before him. Amongst his friends were Shan (who was at his side when Bal breathed his last after suffering from a massive heart attack whilst he was alone in a KL shopping mall), Dato Harits, Nicholas, Hamm Singh and Raja Hizad. Those who paid their last respects at Bal's home in Rawang include Colin, Roger, Cik Amnah and Tan.
The ceremony at the Crematorium was done under Hindu rites with a Nepalese touch. A solemn event made touching when candles and incense sticks were passed around. As required, his two sons carried a clay water-filled bowl around the casket. After three circles, a hole punctured the bowl to allow the water to spill as the sons circled the casket once again. I maybe be wrong but it looked as if it symbolises the departure of life from a vessel. The bowl is then allowed to be dropped and shattered and the sons are whisked away to be isolated from everyone for 13 days.
Moments later the casket is closed and taken into the crematoria. Bal Bahadur Rana - gurkha, husband, father, grandfather, golfer, goodguy - has left us. Goodbye, God bless and Rest in Peace Dear Friend.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am know him since young.My name is Sangkar Bahadur and pls contact me at

rambo said...

You have been a great, actually a very great person, not to me but to the whole Gurkhas in M'sia. I was told by my sister that a person like you Mr Bal Bahadur,is the only one who can excell the Gurkhas interest in M'sia . I bet to my single dollar its true.

Lastly I would like to send my deep condellence to their families.
Bal for their berievement.

Thank You
Mr Bal forever friend in heart.

anwardi said...

Yes, he left fond memories with all his friends. We are still in shock at his passing. We miss him dearly.

Anonymous said...

Maila bau,

You have been such a wonderful person. Love you so very much.

Missing you dearly,

Kaashmi and Kanchan

Dass Mama said...

Mr. Bal Bahadur
22.12. 1954 - 17.12.2007
Proud to have had you as a beloved ….. son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle, husband, father, grandfather, good-friend, member, boss, golfer, etc…., thank you for your strength, courage, inspiration and the moments that took our breath away. I will always cherish the beautiful and proud memories of you. Precious memories of you are abound & will have a permanent place in my heart. You left us just with a snap of a finger, where no one can replace you. You will always be with me in my thoughts and prayers. We love you very much and missing your dearly. May you soul rest in peace.

My family and I would like to express our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Mina, Asha, Javanthi, Sandeep, Roshan.

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we inhale but it is by the moments that take our breath away’ and “Never take things for granted”

Anonymous said...

Dear Bal,

I really do not have words to express, how much me and my family misses you.


melvin rodrigo said...

my dearest bal....
...i thanks you for all the closeness and friendship we shared...the happy times and memories shall last forever....thanks for your bal.

Anonymous said...

Bal Bahadur Rana ! you are not simple person.but what to do.we cannot do have been such a brave and wonderful person too. i loe you so very much.
and alway,s missing u.
Missing you Dearly.
Bichari Chamling.
Nepal Sandesh National Weekly Newspaper.
Kotaraya Malaysia.cell no: 016 3678596 and