Monday, June 2, 2008


Pelawat Malam and Topeng have just wrapped. Abadi directed Pelawat and Thorpe directed Topeng. Tomorrow I start on Episode 11 and 12. Previously we were to do a story called Bejalai about a head hunting Iban spirit, but because of logistics and complexity of the teleplay, I decided to drop it and use another story called Harakiri - about a wandering Japanese spirit who also chops off people's heads. The story tells the story of how a Japanese officer during the Second World War who was not able to commit seppukku or harakiri dan therefore not able to die honorably. The kampung mob who caught him, carried out their own brand of justice - killed him and buried him in an unmarked spot. Many years later, his spirit roams the land looking for heads to chop off.
Hopefully we can finish this episode within three nights.
After that we will do Ronggeng, which was also rewritten due to logistics. It will now be called Lampu Merah. Luckily, Eman Manan will still be part of the shoot.
I'm currently at my wits end and hope that the shoots will be smooth. I also hope the rain will not hamper it. I cannot afford any more delays.
The only incentive I have is that on 13th of June I will fly to Bali for the annual International Bali Arts and Cultural Festival in Denpasar. This is a month long festival celebrating the best of performing arts from all around Indonesia and also other parts of the world. It's a must attend to all those who love culture and traditional performing arts.
I will be there for about ten days. Time for me to relax and reflect. But I will have my trusty Macbook with me so I will blogging from Bali too.

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