Monday, June 9, 2008


For those who knows what the above term mean - I apologise but its actually how I felt when my camera went on the blink at 2 am in the morning of Sunday with three hours of night left to compete episode 11 (Kelab Malam/Kelab Ronggeng).
Day One of the shoot was already scrapped because I didn't like the location. So I had two days to complete the episode which stars Eman Manan and Harun Salim Bachik.
We went to Mini Malaysia and the location we selected was ideal. We began smoothly and was onto our second day of shoot, when things went awry.
The make-up department informed me that the latex for the special make-up had finished, and they could only make up the artistes once, and that's it. So I had to reschedule all my scenes.
That however was the least of my problems. Apart from the casting of Eman, Harun and Kamal Bakar, I wasn't impressed nor pleased with the casting of the three vampires.
Eman and Harun in action in ep. 11
My requirements were they had to be beautiful, sexy and can joget. They weren't in any of these categories. Maybe, in my time the word sexy meant voluptuous and full. Today's meaning is skinny but shapely. Arghhhhh!
And they can't joget to save their lives!!!
Anyway, that too wasn't the biggest problem. It was the camera jamming up with just a few hours to go - to final wrap!!
We had to cancel the shoot and return to KL and the equipment problem will cost me at least RM10,000 in losses!! And to get everything and everyone back to Melaka isn't gonna be easy too.
Dammit dammit dammit!!!!
They only good thing was working with Eman and Harun. They were great - total professionals.
From L to R: Harun, Blogger, Thorpe (my AD) and Eman
Wish our new generation of artistes were half as talented and dedicated as these two guys.

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