Monday, June 30, 2008


My friends know that I am a Liverpool fanatic, and therefore it's only right that I support the team with the most Liverpool players in the final of the Euro Cup 2008. Early this morning, Spain, with Fernando Torres and (later in the game) Xabi Alonso, beat Germany 1-0 to become the Euro Champions after a long wait. The goalscorer was, of course, Liverpool's Torres (see pic below).I was with about a thousand other football fans that thronged the Pavilion walkway in front of Carlos Mexican Catina. Other restaurants - Michelangelo, Jade, Coffeebean, Starbucks and La Bodega were also opened for business to cater the footie fans. Three giant screens allowed excellent view for the fans from all angles.
But whatever angle you view it from, Spain was the better team and should have scored at least three more goals.
From the shouts and the cheers, it was obvious that Spanish fans outnumbered the German supporters and in the end, the Spanish fans, including me, were jubilant.
So ends a month of Euro footie and we fans will now have to wait for the English premier season to start in a couple of months time to sate our thirst for soccer.
By the way, in the final, there wasn't a single Manchester United player in sight. Ballack (Chelsea), Lehmann (Arsenal), Fabregas (Arsenal), Alonso and Torres (Liverpool) (reserve goalie was Pepe Reina also of Liverpool). Nuff said.

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