Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Mother Nature hasn't been very accommodating this past two days. Rain is causing us to lose many hours of shoot. Last night was bad. The rain in Hulu Langat opened up twice - once in the afternoon and the second time in the evening - from 6 right up to 11 at night. It wasn't a drizzle but a downpour. We had to pray and wait for the rain to stop and it did. We could only start our shoot close to midnight. By four we were too tired to continue and I wrapped.
Hopefully today will be a better day, weather wise.
Anyway, my people casted this new TVC model cum newbie actress named Farah. When I first saw her it was like a shock. She is the spitting image of young Sofia Jane. Well, their noses differ a little but if I put young Sofia Jane beside Farah - they can pass of as identical twins.
Right now, if I cast Sofia Jane and I need to find someone to play her daughter, Farah is the most likely choice.
In fact, their mannerisms are also much the same accept that Sofia's left handed. Sofia's voice too is a little more melodious, but these differences are minor.
Take a look at the pics below and you tell me - don't they look alike?The original Sofia Jane or as I usually call her "Peah"
The clone - Farah of Cadbury TVC fame

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