Thursday, June 12, 2008


As luck would have it, tomorrow is our last day of shoot. Due to technical problems we stopped our shoot in Mini Malaysia, Ayer Keroh last Sunday. After much discussion with my production team and my post production outfit, we decide that we only needed to shoot minimal scenes tomorrow and in KL area.
So, having said that, I did not know it would be Friday the 13th. Guess, in these terms, we will be shooting Episode 13 of Bilik No. 13 on Friday the 13th - damn lucky! Cool or what!!!
Anyway, I won't be helming these last scenes tomorrow. I will be going to the land of Gamelans and Ktjak - Bali tomorrow morning for 8 days.
On Saturday - the opening ceremony of the Bali Arts Festival begins in Denpasar I do not want to miss out on the spectacle.
My wife, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, will be coming along.
Luckily for you guys, Bali is very wifi friendly and I can update my blogs from there.
Oh ya, for Bilik No 13 fans, and also those who follow my other series, Dapur Bujang, I've started blogs for both of them - and I will not write much more about the series in my blog as that will be taken up by their respective blogs. I have other stuff to write about in my own blog, ya...especially things like last Tuesday's meeting with the new Information Minister Y.B. Dat0' Ahmad Shabery Cheek at IPTAR, Angkasapuri.
To everyone, Happy Friday The 13th.

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