Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I went to the awards night ceremony of the KL International Film Festival. Yeah, I know, I have been dissing the event from day one. And I'm not gonna stop.
So, it was an okay ceremony, simple and straight forward. As usual, not many Malaysian movies, were nominated for any awards - except for Wayang - nominated for two, of which I can remember one - best actor for Eman Manan. He lost to Jordanian actor Nadeem who did a great job as the janitor in the Jordanian movie Captain Abu Raed.
Best movie went to a Brazilian movie - Alice's House.
What else did I remember? Oh yes, this Swedish singing group who call themselves Lady Alive. Great eye candy, but the lead singer can't sing to save her life.
Ning was outstanding singing a medley of James Bond themes (why? Don't ask me).
My favourite part of the show was when the finale was the typical Malaysian song-and-dance number with every race depicted - Malay, Indian, Chinese, Sarawakian. Very colorful. Very typical. But they danced to the song Joget Pahang. Too bad, Sarimah, the wise-cracking host for the night, didn't tell the audience that the song was from the movie Hang Tuah directed by Phani Majumdar and the song composed by P. Ramlee with lyrics written by Jamil Sulong. Too bad.
So ends another KLIFF. RM3 million down the drain (or so I heard ), and another notch in the KLIFF organisers dream to make it better than Cannes Film Festival (Hahhahahaha).
Oh yes, let me correct myself. A special Jury award of merit was given to Wayang. Why not? We are the hosts of the festival, right?

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Ajami Hashim said...

RM3 million???

REALLY? wohohohoho!