Saturday, December 13, 2008


Since a week before Aidil Adha, two groups of relatives came over. The first group was from my mother's side - her only brother's kids came over and stayed the weekend in Janda Baik and the second group from my father's side, his youngest sister's family dropped by on Raya day itself.
There were nearly 20 people from these two groups. Imagine if I actually organised a Jamil Sulong clan gathering - with cousins from Melaka, Johore, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Hongkong! My my my, that will be a huge gathering.
Anyway, below are pics of my cousins. Gee, I need to get the names right first before publishing them, so just the pictures for the time being.

With uncle and cousins from Singapore. These are relatives on my mom's side.

Linda, me, Kina and Liza - great bunch of female cousins, don't you think so?
My eldest (far left), his sister (2nd from right) and his two cousins (my elder brother's kids).

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