Thursday, December 4, 2008


I just saw Transporter 3. I also saw Quantum of Solace.
Quantum of Solace, modicum of entertainment - 'nuff said - it is one of the worse episodes of James Bond movies - EVER!

Transporter 3, the latest installment of Luc Besson's creation, is a far superior film - in nearly all aspects.
Starring Jason Statham as Frank Martin, Transporter 3 is easily the most kinetic of the series. It also has one of the most peculiar leading actress in movie history. A visually disarming freckled faced beauty named Natalya Rudokova, who plays the role of Valentina. The movie's action set pieces are as usual spot on and with Cory Yuen directing the fight sequences, you know you're gonna get your money's worth.
If you put Frank Martin into the ring with James Bond, I think it will be a no contest. Martin will wins hands down.
My problem with Quantum of Solace is that it felt like an expensive Jackie Chan movie without Jackie Chan and the humour.
Furthermore, Martin has a better performing car than Bond. His Audi is indestructible. It flies, it floats, it dances and it is FAST!
But don't expect an Academy Award winning storyline. The plot is half-baked, but at least the villain is more villainous than the poof in Quantum of Solace.
Go check this SG 18 rated movie. You won't be disappointed if you're an action fan.


Ajami Hashim said...


eh! tadi u ada kat cathay cineleisure gak ker?.. btw that's funny coz mende yg sama juga i terfikir bila habis tgk T3.. ini pendapat saya kat

"better than jebon007 but mengingatkan kpd jackie chan?"

anwardi said...

Ya I ada kat prebiu tadi. Hahaha...apa orang putih kata: "Great minds think alike."