Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tomorrow night, Friday, the 27th of February, on RTM 1, at 10 pm, I will be interviewed live on the talk show Blogger.
A couple of days ago, Dr Mahadi J. Murad, former award winning filmmaker, who now currently teaches at the Faculty of Artistic and Creative Technology, Uitm, called me and asked me if I could appear on the show. To tell you the truth I didn't know the show existed.I believe he is either the series consultant or executive producer. I don't know which.
My immediate response was why me? I'm not a political blogger and I don't even know how many people actually reads my blog.
But Dr Mahadi said this installment will talk about local movies and bloggers who talk about I said sure why not.
Then he asked me about my animated movie Budak Lapok....something I hardly mention in my blog except when it was screened a while ago. It is also a movie I don't feel like talking about because there's so many things behind the history of the movie's production that I cannot speak of (at least for the time being).
When I asked if I can be privy to the questions to be asked, he said not to worry.
I hate to assume things, but something doesn't sound or feel kosher here. But nevermind, I'll go through it and see what they have in store for me. So to all my friends out there, all 15 of you (hahaha), tune in on Friday to see me being grilled live on TV!!!!


jun said...

Hey Bro,
Good luck.Look out for booby traps!...and oh ya,keep cool!!!

rizal hashim said...

Salam tuan didi,

You and I now have one thing in common, besides our lineage. I appeared on the same show, the only sports blogger to be invited so far last year haha! You spoke about our films having to go through the censorship board, why not finas, the board, filmmakers and other stakeholders sit down and discuss the do's and don'ts and have a national movie that depicts our lives? I think something that can be explored is the passion we have for sports. Like you for example, your unwavering support for the losers from Anfield, why not do a movie on sports, let's say the golden period of football or athletics, either animated or not...we can unite people through sports! My warm regards to pak tunggal and mak nani