Monday, February 23, 2009


There's not really many good places for makan in ss2 in Petaling Jaya. Of course, there's numerous kopitiams, but of late, these overpriced kopitiams are sad remakes of the original kopitiams. And the nasi kandar restaurants? Well, the food may be edible but the service offered by the foreigners who can hardly string a sentence in Malay or English, and who can be downright rude and dumb, makes having breakfast in these places a chore.
So, you can imagine how I felt when I accidentally found a new makan place in ss2, and a bigger surprise - it serves good nasi lemak. Now, when I say nasi lemak, it is not a dish that mixes beef and chicken rendang, with other side dishes and call it antarabangsa. Nasi lemak is a simple dish - the coconut drenched rice (must be very lemak and frangrant), a great sambal tumis, fresh cucumber slices, egg (fried, boiled or telur dadar) and crispy peanuts and ikan bilis. That's it. Well, if you're Singaporean, you might still want a piece of fried ikan selah kuning or otak -otak with your rice - nothing more.
Well, this restaurant, Mama's Special, is owned by a guy named Sunny from Melaka, and I think he has his priorities right. The rice is rich in lemak and fragrant, and you can enjoy with with his thick and rich sambal tumis (you can opt for sambal tumis petai), the fresh sliced cucumbers and crispy ikan bilis and kacang. Of course there's other side dishes if you really want. The otak otak looks and tastes good (according to my wife) whilst the fried chicken is rather tasty with the right pinch of 'crisp bumbu' or 'rempah'.
It is also quite affordable unlike some stupid kopitiams that charge ridiculous prices for a concoction that just manages to pass off as nasi lemak.
So if you are adventurous and looking for good nasi lemak in SS2, give this restaurant a go. It's on the same row as the Maybank (near facing the green lungs of ss2). By the way, they are suffering from the same staffing problem - they hired Myanmar workers who can hardly converse in English, Chinese and Malay.....Arggghhhhhh!!!!

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Shad said...

betull... our original spore nasi lemak is with ikan goreng (ikan tamban better), kangkong goreng, telur dada, etc. tp kat sini dia org dah modified...