Friday, February 6, 2009


My old classmate, Eugene Chung, sent me a link that had pics of us in school during our Form 5 and Form 6 years. Below are some pics of me and some friends including my juniors. Hehehehe. some of whom you might recognise. To my lady friends, sorry about this. These pics confirm what your average ages are. Hehehe. Click on picture to enlarge.

That's me in Form 6 in 1975. Do you recognise the guy above me? That's my buddy, the famous Rafique Rashid.

This is a Form 5 picture of a class two years my Junior taken in 1977. Check out the pic of Harun Salim Bachik. Hehehe. He is now a top Malay actor and celebrity.

Top left hand corner, Abang Hamzah, now a Captain with the Malaysian Airlines fleet. He was one year my senior in LSPJ.

Above would have been pictures of Elita Asraf and good friend Hatijah Latiff, ex-Assuntarians and ex-LSPJ six formers. They were my juniors in Form 6. Elita is with Public Bank and Hatijah, a succesful remisier. Unfortunately one of them didn't appreciate me putting pic of her on my blog and said it was an insult. So I have decided to take it out.

Many good friends here, mostly have long lost touch. Chee Beng (bottom right) has since sadly left us a quite a few years ago. Aileen used to be the most popular and most demure (wonder where she is right now). Justin was a former police officer turned lawyer and has his own firm today.

This is a Form 5 pic in 1974. Bottom right is a good friend, Rahim who is now a banker. Above him another good friend Nabir, whose late father was once the Kelantan Menteri Besar (Ishak Lotfi). Bari is now a top cop and currently is the boss in Brickfields. Maria Alphonsus, one of my best friends in school, died at an early age in a road accident.

Alan Danker, who was a popular tour guide, passed away last year. Below him is another friend Ronald de Silva, who now has his own advertising agency. My pic is on his left. This is a Form 5 pic (1974). Above me is another close friend, Amer Hamidy, who is an engineer with Air Asia today.

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