Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have created a new blog - Layarmain. A literal translation of the word screenplay, as opposed to the accepted translation of Lakonlayar. It is a blog dedicated to screenwriting - mine and others - and also a 'ruang' or a place where budding and expert screenwriters can converse, debate and just exchange ideas.
In my screenplays which I will post, the screen directions are mostly written in English though the dialogue is in Bahasa Melayu. Some will be partially posted, some are works in progress and some will be full screenplays or teleplays.
Who am I to start a blog about screenwriting? I'm no one. I did not go to University of Columbia or did my masters in film at the prestigious USC. Nor do I have a PhD or even a Masters from any local University, or am an Associate Professor (Professor Madya).
I just have a certificate in Advanced Screenwriting from a IPTAR/ABU who brought in Ulla Rhyge to teach a few lucky filmmakers, decades ago. Ulla Rhyge was a frequent collaborator and editor with film legend Ingmar Bergman.
I also attended various workshops (both writing and screenwriting) all over the world, but the most memorable was one held by (the late) Academy Award winning screenwriter Stirling Sylliphant.
I also learned a lot about the art of screenwriting from my father Datuk Jamil Sulong.
What I know is that, even at 50, I am still learning. The process never stops. I don't consider nor profess myself an expert on screenwriting (as some others claim to do). Only a practitioner. My writing has, since 1976, earned me a living - first as a journalist and a film critic, and then as a filmmaker.
I truly believe that a good movie begins with the word. Without a good screenplay, a movie will not have the prerequisite foundations to stand strong. And by the way, I do not subscribe blindly to everything Syd Field.
So, I hope those who are curious about screenwriting (ala Malaysia) do drop by


Ajami 'Opet' Hashim said...

"I truly believe that a good movie begins with the word."

saya sangat-sangat SETUJU :-)

Maya said...

" We makes movie through words" The screenplay is so important that words cannot do this issue justice. If the screenplay is weak all your other efforts will be in vain; excellent filmmaking technique is necessary but not sufficient.Any one can see,Even Big cast movies failed coz lack of story,screenplay, reality.But see many times good story and screenplay always got good name and their money back even though new actors, new directors.