Sunday, April 12, 2009


Decided to have breakfast at Raju's near Jalan Gasing this morning. Been sometime since I did. The food there has come down in qualitny but is still good and better than most other Indian restaurants in Petaling Jaya.
So we were there just after nine - me having my usual roti canai garing and my wife ordering her tosai. And guess who arrived and sat in a table a few feet away minute later?
The new Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister YB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. He was with his wife I think and some friends. Nice to see our ministers looking relaxed and having breakfast like the rest of us. In fact, the last time I was in Raju's I met Johore's Mentri Besar YAB Datuk Ghani Othman. Raju seems to be attracting Johoreans. Hahaha.
Had a short chat with Tan Sri and congratulated him. He knows my parents well and we talked about Janda Baik - because his land is adjacent to our house over there. Told him it flooded last week and the road leading to our house was damaged. It was a short chat and I didn't want to disturb his breakfast with the rakyat. I hope other Ministers and politicians emulate this, and not just have meetings and lunches at five star restaurants in hotels.
After breakfast, me and the wife took a short walk to the famous Siamesse temple the Chetawan Temple to see the Songkran Festival there. Today is Songkran (Thailand's official new year celebrations) and most people know it as the water festival.
It is celebrated in a small scale over here amongst the Thai community but quite a big one in Kelantan.
I didn't plan to get wet this time around (last year I was in Pattaya for Songkran) so I just took some pictures and my wife bought some goodies from the hawkers who had set up some stalls in front of the temple.
Below are some pics of the event.

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