Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have loads of friends..real ones...fake ones. From school days to my old work mates from the press days.
I also have friends around the world - including my youngest brother who has migrated to New Jersey. Most of my pals are also now Down Under.
I have great friends. Friends who would stick by me in bad times and good. Friends who would protect me and bend backwards to help me out.
Then there are friends who somehow managed to rub you the wrong way, and the friendship that you have built over the years disappears in an instant.
I have a college friend for example. He has a great family, works hard to establish himself in industry. He has a few cars, a few apartments and homes.
Unfortunately, he is now being ostracised by friends because he has become such an untrustworthy friend.
You see, as my friend, I introduced him to another group of my friends. It turned out that I shouldn't have. Early last year, he was in dire straits and he requested for financial help from me and my friends. I gave him some and from another good friend of mine, he borrowed 10k. He actually wanted to borrow 50k.
That was a year ago. Til today, he has not paid my friend. I felt bad because I introduced him into my circle of friends here. He has not called nor explained to my friend why he has not done so. Meanwhile, this friend of mine flies in from Sabah, parties at nights in KL with his lady friends, and claims to have secured multi-million ringgit contracts. I got a feeling that he couldn't care less because he thinks my friends, being somewhat well to do, wouldn't mind not being paid back the 10k. What is 10k to a friend who has millions right? Well he is wrong. When you borrow money from a friend, even 10 ringgit, you have to pay it back...failing which just apologise and explain the situation. Don't just ignore or shirk your responsibilities.
This is a friend no one needs. This is a fucked up friend.
Today, my friends and I know who he really is. Even our friends in Sabah are deserting him.
We wish him well but never again shall we call him a friend.
Other friends sometime also lose the plot.
They think, as friends, they can say anything about other friends and we would just laugh it away. Little do they know that sometimes, words said without thought, can hurt friends deeply. I have a couple of friends for example that I have deleted from my friends list in FB because of this. They think they are funny, they think its okay to put down friends in public, they think they are so smart. Not!
I also have relatives whom I consider friends. So I made the biggest mistake of asking one of them to do my renovation - roofing, front porch, new gate and drainage. To date, I have spent RM50,000 and it is still not completed. My roof leaks when it rains, the workmanship is amateurish and they come to work whenever they feel like it. I have given up and sacked him even though work has yet not completed. I am so sad that a nephew of mine did this to me. It is unforgivable. All I can do now is to tell all my other relatives and friends not to use his services and tell everyone that he is not to be trusted. I pity his father, my cousin. Now I have to spend more money to repair all the mistakes that he has made.
Nevertheless, I thank god for the great friends I have. True friends who value our time together. You guys and gals know who you are. Give yourself a pat on the back because in my life, you are true gems.

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Anonymous said...

i truly love this entry
all of us experience all kind of stories be it good or bad with our friends..
we need friends.. but only those who r in need of us as well