Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I doubt things will change much in the near future. Especially in the area of producing good quality dramas for television.
I just heard another sad or rather stupid incident involving a friend and a TV station. He submitted a completed drama and it went into the usual penilaian process. This process is rather a 'potluck' sort of quality check. Usually the committee look for not at the forest but the tree.
I have been left exasperated many times when comments and requests for changes in the dramas I had made earlier sounded stupid or rather petty.
Since I haven't done many dramas these last one year (strange for someone who has produced a series that is amongst the top five rated dramas) I haven't had the pleasure of going through this penilaian process. So it was interesting for me to listen to other directors and producers talk about criticism, comments and requests for RESHOOTS made by this TV station.
The most surprising was this friend of mine who said he had to reshoot two scenes when they commented that a scene depicting an accident caused by a snatch thief.
The sequence showed the victim falling down after her handbag was snatched by a mat rempit. She fell hit her head on the ground and injured herself.
According to this TV station, the scene was not 'real'. They have to re-shoot the scene where she fell down and hit her head on the ground. This time, they want the director to lay a big stone on the ground, and that her head hits this stone when she falls.
Wahhhh so terrer one!
Then he had to shoot another scene which was even more ridiculous.
He was asked to reshoot a scene showing one of the main characters who was a roadside goreng pisang seller at work. Why? Because the station thinks, the stall is not 'grand enough'.
What? A goreng pisang stall needs to be grand? What did they expect? Neon signs? Waiters? Menu? Cash register? Jeez. Maybe it is not that bad after all that I didn't have to do dramas for them anymore.
Sigh....but business is business, and I still hope that more business come my way from this station. And when it happens, I will have to deal with these 'experts' once again.

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Loong said...

These TV station personnel must all be either too professional or unqualified! The pisang goreng seller should also put on the chef uniform with the hat so as to depict Malaysian pisang goreng seller are also clean , neat and trim!
All these details does not depict true Malaysian life style identity!
Are we audience that dumb?
No, wonder, Malaysian Film Industry still struggling!