Friday, April 24, 2009


To my friends and pals who read my blog, I will soon begin a little technical enhancement. In a few weeks time, my blog will feature a podcast or a link to a podcast called Let's Talk About Filem.
It will be my maiden attempt at podcasting and also as an audio-journo.
The podcast will cover the kind of stuff you'd find on my blog without the personal stuff. The podcast will be solely on the state-of-the-industry stuff - local movie reviews, industry issues and other jello shivering stuff. I hope to interview personalities - maybe Yasmin, Tan Chui Mui, Pak Aziz Sattar, Mamat Khalid, Adflin, Aziz Othman, Gayathri, Rosie Rashid - from artistes to producers to directors. And the questions I pose will hopefully not be the kind of pointless Qs they usually get from the press. I want them to tell us what makes them tick, what makes their movies tick or stink, or just mindless coffee shop chattering between filmmakers.
Amongst the subjects I have already planned to include are : "Are Malaysian Filmmakers Dumb?" or "If Professors make Sifu dan Tonga, what do you expect from SPM cert holders?".
So, keep tuned in.....
Let's Talk About Filem...brought to you by Anak Wayang.

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Ehsan Ismail said...

Salam Abang Anwardi,

Saay minat your blog and everything about film and tv industry.

I have sent something to your LayarMain blog. This blog very interesting I wish to learn from you.

Ehsan Ismail