Sunday, April 12, 2009


My cousin emailed this picture of her family's visit to our Kampung Tunku house during the early 70s. I am not in the picture. Go figure.

Back row: L-R: My father (in dark glasses), my auntie Mak Milah, two unidentified persons, my brother Arjunaidi (tall guy in the back), in front of him my mother, mys sister Murniaty, my fav uncle Pak Tahir and my younger brother Asnadi. In the front row, my Padang cousin, Nur, and a group of my cousins (need my cuz to tell me who is who), in white scarf is my late grandmother, beside her is another cousin of mine, Mas Ayu, and seated beside her is someone I dont recognise.


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Hi Abang Didi, Wow its been ages since we had family pictures taken.
I was 10 years old when the picture was taken. Let me introduce you who is who in the picture, Next to Abang Juna are my eldest brother and sister Hasman and Linda. Me (Liza) besides Mak Milah. Then Kina with spectacles, Bobot in the red dress and Ani the youngest. Next to Kak Ayu my beloved late grandmother. Haiyo you ni malulah gambar 70's ..Anyway its awesome you had put up in your blog, mesti the rest of my family will laugh their lungs out looking at this picture...hehehe