Tuesday, October 14, 2008

al-Fatihah Encik Ramli Maidin - Principal APIIT School

Allahyarham Ramli Maidin, APIIT School Principal

My wife called me from our kids school in Subang (APIIT) around 11 this morning. As usual, she was there to be close to my youngest who was attending his second day of PMR exams. She called to say that the principal of the school En Ramli Maidin had collapsed in school and was taken to hospital.
Later in the afternoon, she called and informed me that En Ramli condition must have been serious as he was admitted to the CCU.
Just after 4p.m. she called me to say the En Ramli had passed away. Soon after, I received a text message from the school informing that En Ramli had passed away.
It has to be said that the school kids attending APIIT must be shocked by the news. I personally have met him only a few times, but I am sure my wife, who is on the PTA, would have known him better.
To his family and relatives, my condolences. His passing away will be quite a loss to APIIT and the students. Al-Fatihah.

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Mr. AL said...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Thank you for posting this article.

I was among the pioneer of APIIT and I had the chance to work under allahyarham En. Ramli.

He was a great teacher, a great boss and a great principal to us. He was a balance person where he can be serious and funny at the same time, and we as the teachers feel motivated to work under him.

I still remember his personal advice to me with his strong Kedah's accent, "Cabaran hidup membuatkan kita lebih matang lagi".

My greatest condolence to his family and may Allah s.w.t blesses his soul. Al-Fatihah to En. Ramli, Amin Ya Rab al-'Alamin.

Ex-APIIT ICT Teacher & Cocurricular Coordinator,

Hj. AL