Friday, October 10, 2008


Just to show you how much it is to attend the AFM in Los Angeles next month, which FINAS has a booth (they call it an office at this particular market) for our producers. The information is taken from the American Film Market website at

The AFM is open to the entire film community, including agents, attorneys, bankers, directors, distributors, festival directors, film commissioners, filmmakers, producers, writers, and all those who provide services to the motion picture industry.


Exhibition Agreement - This agreement is to participate as an Exhibitor at the 2008 AFM. The Exhibition Fee of $3,500 includes
up to four (4) Photo Badges at no charge.
No Screening Privileges - To screen films in AFM theatres, the Exhibition Agreement & Office Request Form must have been received by Friday, 13 June. By submitting this agreement after 13 June, Exhibitor acknowledges that it will not have access to AFM Screening Facilities.

Office Price List
IMPORTANT: Refer to the Hotel Floor Plans for location (floors and hotel) of Room Codes. Prices below are in U.S.$ and do not include the $3,500 Exhibition Fee which will be added to the cost of the office.

A 1 Room Regular Office US7,750 (This is the cheapest rooms available to exhibitors. The most expensive costs north of US30,000 per room)

Below are the different types of AFM Badges:


  • Full Access to all Exhibitor floors and all screenings for the total eight days.
  • $795 per person for registrations submitted by 24 October. After 24 October, Full Market Badges are $895 per person
  • Register by 17 October and receive 2 free Seminars!
So, if FINAS took this category of room (not booth) for Malaysian producers, it means that they have forked out at least RM35,000.00 to participate as exhibitors.

You then have to calculate the cost of air tickets for FINAS execs who attend and their lodging allowances and their meals. And then you can assume the amount of money, FINAS spend to promote Malaysian movies in Los Angeles. (For your information, attending the markets in Europe can be twice as expensive).

For local producers to attend, they would have to buy 'badges' costing US$895 (RM3,200) per person. Let's say hotels in LA are about RM800 per day and you are at the Market for five days - that's RM4,000. You bring an assistant along - that doubles your cost to RM8,000.

So far, the producer's total expenses are RM11,200 just for attending the market. Two return flight tickets to Los Angeles on Malaysian Airlines (I just checked their website) is approximately RM26,000.00. If two executives go, that's RM52,000.

Therefore, the producer is expected to spend at least RM63,000 plus plus to attend the market. That's helluva a lot of money for a producer to fork out.

Even if just one rep goes it's still a minimum of RM32,000 excluding meals and entertainment. That's a lot of money to attend a market which does not guarantee you sales. Just an opportunity.

And the opportunity is? For Malaysian producers to hawk their goods and compete in a market that says proudly:

At the AFM you will... MEET over 400 production companies, SEE over 500 motion pictures, PREVIEW more than 100 world premieres, NETWORK with 8,000 industry professionals, FIND INSPIRATION in 1000s of new projects, LEARN at seminars from 100+ industry leaders, and DISCOVER where the industry will be tomorrow.

If Malaysian producers fail to sell anything, would it justify their expenses? For FINAS, they have nothing to lose. The failure to sell would just mean Malaysian productions are not up to mark. FINAS would say that they have done their best for the Malaysian film industry because they rented a 'booth' at AFM. It is the producers that screwed up. They should have produced better quality products for sale. But never mind, the producers who attended would have gained experience and learnt something.

Hohum...whatever it is, some people are going to have a grand holiday in Los Angeles. At whose expense? I don't know. Do you?

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